Product Picks: MK Seals In Electrical Safety

newey and eyre product picks MK Masterseal plus

What is it?

MK Electric’s Masterseal Plus™ range ensures safety in a host of environments such as leisure facilities, commercial kitchens and laboratories, where elements such as water and dust could damage the electrical appliances or wiring.


With an IP66 rating, the range offers total dust ingress protection and protection against high-pressure water jets from any direction for additional safety and peace of mind outside or in wet environments.

The Masterseal PlusTM socket can seal around virtually any standard 13A plug including moulded on plugs – allowing safe connection for any appliance.

Additionally, the range features a seating spout to house moulded on plugs, an improved lid catch for easy opening, as well as a fixed gasket and rear drill holes to ensure a faster and easier installation.