Part L Compliance

Lighting controls have become even more significant for Part L compliance.  The table below shows the control factor allowances made for these different types of control.

Recommended minimum lighting efficacy with controls in new and existing buildings
Initial luminaire. Lumens/circuit watt – 60
Controls Control factor Reduced luminaire Lumens/circuit watt
a. day lit space with photo-switching with or without override 0.9 54
b. day lit space with photo-switching and dimming with or without override 0.85 51
c. unoccupied space with automatic on and off occupancy control 0.9 54
d. unoccupied space with manual on and auto off occupancy control 0.85 51
e. space not daylit, dimmed for constant illuminance 0.9 54
a+ c 0.8 48
a+ d 0.75 45
b+ c 0.75 45
b+ d 0.7 42
e+ c 0.8 48
e+ d 0.75 45