Newlec Launches LED Grid Switch Dimmers

Newlec launches LED grid switch dimmers

Following increased demand for LED lighting solutions, Newlec from Rexel has launched a brand new range of LED grid switch dimmers.

With light emitting diode (LED) technology being the energy efficient choice to refurbish existing lighting in both commercial and consumer environments, electrical contractors are being increasingly called upon to specify interconnected wiring accessories, such as LED dimmer switches, which can effectively integrate with the LED light source.

Yet, despite LEDs being inherently dimmable, the industry has experienced challenges with the compatibility of some early generations of LED lamps with conventional dimmers. Not only did connections prove complex but they also impacted on the long-term performance and reliability of LEDs.

Kevin Norman, Senior Product manager at Rexel, explains: “There’s no denying the LED market has, and will continue to, experience huge growth. However, wiring accessories, including dimmer switches, initially struggled to keep up with the pace of LED installations. Electricians and electrical contractors often experienced challenging installations as a result of trying to align new LED lighting solutions with incompatible control systems, which had the potential to result in reliability problems further down the line.”

The latest addition to the Newlec range of grid switch dimmers, has been specifically designed to provide electrical contractors with an LED dimming compatible solution that features variable minimum level pre-set to adjust low level output and stabilise the load. The range offers an easy-fit installation, and comes with nine grid adaptors, also suitable for Euro grid plates, enabling contractors to provide end users with reliable products that generate immediate reductions in lighting energy use, and subsequently, costs.

Kevin Norman concludes: “In order to deliver an outstanding solution, we have carried out extensive research, looking at the current trends within the lighting market, and more importantly recent advancements in order to offer our range of Newlec LED grid switch dimmers. Delivering a well-designed and stable dimming interface which is critical for consistent light quality and to achieve the reliability needed for domestic and commercial applications.”

The Newlec range of LED grid dimmer switches are available in both white and black finishes. For more information, visit your local Newey & Eyre branch or visit