Smarter Opportunities

The demand for smart technology in the home is growing faster than anticipated. As technology continues to evolve, your customers are accustomed to more flexible and convenient forms of interaction and communication. 86 percent of homeowners now want to experience similar levels of efficiency when it comes to controlling their home.

A recent report by Honeywell, a specialist heating firm, discovered that 60 percent of homeowners want to control their lighting via tablet or phone. However, 76 percent stated they didn’t know where to begin, or who to turn to for information and installation of Smart Technologies. [See Honeywell’s full report here]

There’s a gap in the market; it’s time for electricians and installers to start considering the future…

What is a Smart Home?

According to Honeywell’s ‘Smart Homes of the Future’ report, 2014: “A connected and intelligent home where all systems, including heating and lighting, communicate with one another and can be controlled from anywhere, at any time, using a single phone, tablet or computer.”

There’s a general consensus that Smart Homes are only achievable by the incredibly wealthy; a kind of ‘Tony Stark’ like character. However, the level of smart connectivity in the home can be managed and integrated in stages, delivering cost-effective, convenient and energy efficient results for your customers.

The Facts

  • 86 percent of homeowners would consider a Smart Home
  • 60 percent of homeowners want to control their lighting via smart technology
  • UK homeowners spend £27 billion every year on home improvements.
  • 40 percent of homeowners do not know where to begin when it comes to understanding Smart Homes.
  • 54 percent of installers stated they’d been asked about Smart gadgets by their customers
  • 74 percent of installers said they’d like to become a Smart Installer
  • 86 percent of installers want to learn more about Smart Home technology
  • 76 percent of homeowners said they wouldn’t know who to look for to install a smart home


What’s your next move?

Despite the popularity of Smart Home technologies, the biggest challenge remains within education. Homeowners want to learn more; they want to receive reliable advice and direction from an accredited source. With 76 percent of homeowners unaware of whom to turn to, this is a real opportunity for installers and electricians to expand their customer base and explore new business opportunities. 

Of course, educating homeowners is not the prime responsibility of an installer or an electrician. It is however, down to you to introduce Smart Technology to your customers, explaining the energy efficient benefits and long-term cost savings they will experience in a connected home.

There are many Smart Installer courses now available across the UK. For the more experienced installer or electrician, this is an opportunity to expand your knowledge and branch out into new areas of business. Not only is the average homeowner considering smart technologies; there’s a great opportunity across the commercial sector as businesses look to invest in an energy-efficient, smart environment.

We’re amidst change; the traditional domestic installer or electrician is starting to recognise this. With a ‘smart future’ in sight, electricians will no longer be isolated to specific jobs. There’s an opportunity to collaborate with smart technology, traditional electrical works and energy efficient installation to drive business growth.

The marketplace is wide open; it’s time for you to become the UK’s go-to expert on Smart Homes.