6 Newlec Reasons to go Prefabricated


Newlec offers a comprehensive prefabrication service for its cable containment solutions. With more power and data cabling needed in industrial and commercial applications we give you six reasons why you should consider opting for a prefabricated solution.

1. Less waste

The service allows you to order everything from pre-cut simple lengths to complex frames and brackets all provided to the exact specification. It means that the solution will fit and there will be no left over sections – saving you money on both material and disposal costs.

2. Faster Fit

When time is at a premium, why get involved in time-consuming preparation, cutting and welding sections before installation?

3. Less storage space on site

Again, because the solution will be delivered to fit, there is no need to store extra long lengths of cable tray, trunking or wire basket. We can even arrange staggered delivery to suit your needs, thus minimising any potential damage or theft from site.

4. Lower labour costs

Why employ skilled labour to complete manual work? And when there is a shortage of skilled labour available you either need to pay more or find ways to cut time, especially if you have a tight deadline to meet performance targets.

5. Factory assured quality

Prefabricated cable containment solutions are completed in a factory-controlled environment with strict quality control procedures. There are no short cuts and no ‘bodges’, just a high quality solution ready to be installed.

Modules or loops can be factory assembled to improve consistency. Bolted elements comply with required torque settings and welded components are manufactured by coded welders to ensure best practice.

6. Design consultation

We are experts in cable containment and have designed solutions for numerous installations – why not take advantage of that experience and skill and remove another step in the process? You can be secure in the knowledge that the solution will satisfy your customer’s needs and conform to the published load data.

Don’t get left behind

Prefabrication of buildings, building units or pods is a growing trend in the UK with final customers demanding high quality solutions delivered quickly. Like it or not prefabrication at every level of the building and construction industry is set to expand – so don’t get left behind.

Newlec Prefabricated Containment Solutions

Quite simply, there is more power and data cabling in mechanical / electrical services and commercial / industrial solutions than ever before, which is placing ever-greater strain on the cable carrying and containment systems.

It is vital to get the loading correct on such systems and to ensure that they meet the highest levels of quality for safety and for the ongoing continuity of supply for your customer. The Newlec prefabrication service covers wire basket, cable and lighting trunking and cable tray systems.

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